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If you are interested in any of the following trainings or have any questions please reach out to Jean Ann Lambert, MHA-SC's Community Resource Director.

LPC/Social Work CEU's Provider

This class will be an introduction to the 8-hour Certification Training offered in your Community upon request. One in 5 persons are affected yearly with mental health problems. Many people do not seek help needed due to stigma and unawareness that effective help and treatment is available. Participants will learn how to recognize specific Mental Health problems like Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Substance use and Eating Disorders. We will learn the First Aid Action Plan ALGEE; how to offer immediate Mental Health First Aid and assist the person in getting appropriate help and support needed. This is a 3 year Certification. A Best Practice, Evidence based model.

Mental Health First Aid Training-
Adults & Youth

QPR, Suicide Prevention

Learn 3 skills that can help save a persons life: "Question, Persuade, Refer". Everyone is very likely to come in contact with persons who are Depressed, using substances to cope and are contemplating suicide, who are in trouble or
crisis.. Participants will learn clues and warning signs, how to ask the Suicide question, listening skills and finding the courage to Act quickly to prevent a possible tragedy. At the end of our session, the participant will be a "Certified
Gatekeeper"; and will receive a Certificate. This is a 3 year Certification. QPR is listed on SAMHSA's registry of best practice, evidence based models. "Ask a Question, Save a Life".

Participants will learn background & stats and how prevalent suicide is in our community and a very practical working model ASK to help those thinking about suicide. Ask the question, Seek more info, Secure means &Know resources and where to get help. This is about giving people at risk Hope & Help.

AS+K Suicide Prevention Workshop

ASIST, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

This is a 2-day interactive training that is beneficial to community members and job organizations that aims to help individuals become willing, ready, and able to provide emergency first aid to persons with thoughts of suicide.​

During the two-day workshop, participants will:

  • examine their attitudes about suicide,

  • learn to effectively recognize invitations for help,

  • work with a safety framework,

  • develop new intervention skills, and reinforce old ones.

Other trainings offered 

  • Stress and Covid-19 and Good Mental Health 

  • S.A.D. and Wellness (Stress, Anxiety, and Depression)

  • I.C. Hope- Children and Teen Mental Health Curriculum 

  • Mental Health 101- Available in one and two-hour sessions 

  • Compassion Fatigue- Available in one and two-hour sessions

  • Crisis De-Escalation- One-hour class

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