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You are not alone

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 988 to reach a 24-hour crisis center or 911 for immediate assistance. 

Crisis/Suicide Resources

Text Crisis Line 

Text Talk to 741-741

24/7 Crisis Line 


24/7 Crisis Chat Line

South Carolina Statewide Crisis Response 


South Carolina Department of Mental Health Deaf Services Hotline

The Deaf Services Hotline is available 24/7, statewide, at (803) 339-3339 (VP) or

Mental Health Resources 

Columbia Area Mental Health Center
2715 Colonial Drive, Suite 100
Columbia, SC 29203
Phone: (803) 898-4800

Lexington County Community Mental Health Center 
301 Palmetto Park Blvd
Lexington, SC  29072
Phone: (803) 996-1500

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This statewide, toll-free support line, available to anyone aged 12 years or older, is designed for all South Carolinians impacted by COVID-19 or any other associated stressors. Callers are linked to resources for mental health or substance use treatment or other needs.
SC-HOPES is available 24/7, toll-free, at (844) SC-HOPES (724-6737).

Tu Apoyo 

This line is a Spanish-language companion line for SC-HOPES. Tu Apoyo is available from 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily, toll-free, at (833) TU-APOYO (882-7696).

Online Mental Health Screener -
This recently launched tool is a safe, easy, and free service that allows users to anonymously take a Self-Check Questionnaire and connect with a professional counselor who can offer guidance, support, and resources to help connect them with mental health and addiction services. The screener is at


The public mental health system, serving children, adolescents, adults, and families through a network of 16 community-based mental health centers, with associated clinics. Serving all counties statewide! To find the location nearest you to learn more, visit or call (803) 898-8581

SC Mobile Crisis -

Mobile Crisis is for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis. Local Mobile Crisis Teams assess the crisis and can respond on-site, with law enforcement, if needed. 
SC Mobile Crisis is available 24/7/365, toll-free, statewide, at (833) 364-2274.

SCDMH Deaf Services Hotline -

This line is dedicated to folks who are deaf or hard of hearing and in crisis or in need of resources. It is also available to contact for hospital consultation, telepsychiatry interpreter requests, and mental health center referrals. The Deaf Services Hotline is available 24/7, statewide, at (803) 339-3339 (VP) or
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