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I.C. Hope


I.C. HOPE is Mental Health America of SC ambassador for good Mental Health.

The I.C. HOPE® - “Don’t Duck Mental Health” program serves to dispel
the negative images associated with mental illness and is designed for grades K-12. The friendly face of the duck with its healing bandage promises to show that mental illness is not shameful or unusual, nor is it shameful to help those in need. His life preserver symbolizes that every life is worth saving. I.C. HOPE's motto is "Don't Duck Mental Health".  I.C. HOPE® takes the form of a six-foot character trained in mental health messages coupled with age-appropriate curriculums. Listen to I.C. HOPE®, the Ambassador of Mental Wellness, read a story to children, work with classmates to complete an activity, or make your own I.C. HOPE® puppet to take home and share
with friends and family.


Programming is tailored to meet the needs of the group. Contact Jean Ann Lambert at or (803) 779-5363 for more information or to book your presentation.

"Don't Duck Mental Health"

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